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    Java Client SDK encryption and simultaneous requests



    I'm using the TWX Java client SDK to communicate with ThingWorx by extending ConnectedThingClient.  I would appreciate answers to any of the  following questions:

    1. Does TWX support encrypted websocket communication (wss)?  If yes, can you please point me to documentation for setting that up.
    2. I have an instance of a ConnectedThingClient which I can use to invoke a service by using the invokeService method.  Can I use this instance in multiple threads to simultaneously invoke several services?
    3. What's the recommended strategy for dealing with simultaneous requests?  Should I be queuing the requests and invoke the services sequentially or perhaps have multiple ConnectedThingClient instances?


    Thank you

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        paic Collaborator

        Yes we support WSS, I believe the documentation in the Portal should give guidance on that, or else you can look at some of the docs included with some of the SDKs.

        By default they should be setup to connect WSS I believe.


        I'm uncertain about the second part of your question. I do believe simultaneous requests should be possible.