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    hyunkook Explorer

    ThingWorx Login History implementation  question?

    Logic is as follows:




    Lgoin Page => ThingWorx jdbc -> OraleDataBase -> UserLoginHistroy -> Insert


    Insert Contents


    1.Login Username


    2,LginTime etc...




    Thing service was implemented

    But do not call the login method



    Is there any way that can be called?



    help me



      • Re: ThingWorx Login History implementation  question?
        paic Collaborator

        Currently I do not think there is a way to capture a User logout in a precise way. The security Log might have it as 'Session Expired' depending on the log settings. and I don't think you can set a subscription on session expired.

        Note that session expired doesn't mean time of logout only, but can mean time of browser close or inactivity + session expire setting.


        for the login, you can set a mashup loaded event in the master after the first re-direct from the Form Login screen.