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    Questions about Google Map Widget

    I have an application that is using Thingworx Version 6.0.2 and GoogleWidgets_ExtensionPackage1.0. I have a list of locations being passed in from a query, and also displaying the name of those locations in a grid, to allow an alternate way of selecting a specific location. I also have some custom icons for the locations, based on the location type( house, business, emergency services, etc) which is done via a StateDefinition on the MarkerFormatting. I also have a tool tip that shows information when you hover over the location.


    This all works fine, but there are some small issues I was hoping someone could help solve:


    1) When I select a location from the grid list, or click on the marker in the view, it sets the marker icon to the SelectedMarkerStyle, which changes the icon that is dynamically set. Is there any way to turn this off? Or at least use another state formatter for the selected one? I'm using the marker to display information so I don't need to have it in the tool tip, so the icon is important to me.


    2) When I hover over a location I get the tool tip. However, if I select a location, the Marker changes, but the original tool tip does not minimize, and the new selected location's tool tip does not appear. At minimum, is there a way to get the Tool tip open at hte time of the click to minimize? Is there a way to also get the tool tip to show for the newly selected location upon selection?


    Those are the two big items.