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    ashleyg Apprentice

    ThingWorx Thread Control

    Hi All,

    The scenario:


    1. We have a requirement to run an aggregation service within a number of things, this service will be used to aggregate data from a number of stream entries at midnight (local time zone) every night for the previous 24 hours.
    2. A high number of the 45,000 assets are located on the CET time zone.
    3. We do not feel it would be sensible to allow each service to be triggered simultaneously as the number of threads that would be spurned would almost certainly cause the platform to hang.


    The questions:

    1. Does ThingWorx have any internal mechanism to queue the execution of threads to avoid overload of the server.
    2. If not, do you have any recommended method of implementing thread execution control on large number of things which is growing daily and are all in different time zones.



    Any feedback would be highly appreciated.


    Many thanks



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        paic Collaborator

        This is an anticipated scenario. If the load on the system proves to be too high, we recommend sharding or federating the runtime server.

        This is something that is available in Thingworx 6.5 and on.

        On the other hand, if the server is robust enough, 45K doesn't seem too high.

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          ccertain Explorer

          Hi Ashley,

          did you get a solution for your Thread control topic?

          I have a similar requirement from a customer in Germany

          If yes, I would be interested to know about the stuff you used?