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    Unicode Characters in ThingWorx

    Hi All,


    I am attempting to import a CSV file, which has a large number of language translations, into a DataTable and/or localization table. When doing so the values for non-english characters are imported as question marks.


    I know that it is possible to input special characters (such as 'é') manually but of course this is not practical nor feasible.


    How can you configure ThingWorx to process Unicode characters?


    If this is not possible how can I import these characters and display them correctly?


    As always - any help is highly appreciated.


    Many thanks



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        paic Collaborator

        For localization tables, it is probably easiest to export an existing Localization Table, have someone edit the XML and import it back.

        The GetText and the like will load 2 byte characters properly, I have never tried it with unicode though.