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    JSON Message Formatting

    Hi All


    The code below (with some details starred out for confidentiality) is intended to get a property of a JSON message and display it as a column in an InfoTable. I have attempted to gain the description property from the following JSON and display it in an infoTable for output:




    {"tickets":[{"raw_subject":"Compressor Ticket #1","subject":"Compressor Ticket #1","custom_fields":[],"created_at":"2015-08-12T07:28:08Z","description":"Ticket for compressor - API123456","submitter_id":*******,"type":"problem","priority":"normal","collaborator_ids":[],"url":"**********","via":{"channel":"api","source":{"from":{},"to":{}}},"tags":[],"brand_id":******,"updated_at":"2015-08-12T09:05:32Z","sharing_agreement_ids":[],"group_id":********,"organization_id":********,"id":4.0,"has_incidents":false,"fields":[],"assignee_id":**********,"status":"open","requester_id":********}],"count":1.0}




    var params = {

      infoTableName: "infoTable" /* STRING */,

      dataShapeName: "*******" /* DATASHAPENAME */




    // result: INFOTABLE

    var infoTable = Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].CreateInfoTableFromDataShape(params);



    var params = {

      ignoreSSLErrors: true /* BOOLEAN */,

        url: "*********" /* STRING */,

      timeout: 30 /* NUMBER */,

      password: "******" /* STRING */,

      username: "******" /* STRING */




    // result: JSON

    var response = Resources["ContentLoaderFunctions"].LoadJSON(params);



    var row = new Object();

    row.description = response.tickets.description;




    var result = infoTable;


    The problem I am having is that when I execute this the output is an infotable with the "description" field blank. I have tried doing a JSON.parse on my response but this return an error which I believe means that the JSON message has already been formatted into an object.


    Can someone please point out what I am doing wrong and why row.description = response.tickets.description; doesn't work on the JSON message?


    Any feedback would be highly appreciated.


    Many thanks