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    .Net Edge Server SDK Returning Error (1001) Initializing web socket

    I am facing an issue when i am trying to implement the .net SDK example

    I downloaded the version of the SDK ThingWorx IoT Marketplace    » .NET SDK

    Using VS2010 and ,net framwork 4.0 and using Tomcat 7.053 and Thingworx 6.03

    I used the following documents :

    .NET SDK quick start guide using the Steam Sensor example for ThingWorx

    How to setup SSL on Tomcat with a Self-Signed Certificate for ThingWorx

    Installing Thingworx Configuring Tomcat


    I tried the following uri:






    I made sure the user has developing rights "Administrator"


    All my tries lead to the same error

    "Error opening connecting to Platform. There was an error initializing the Socket. (Code 1001) " TwApiException was caught