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    How do I test the performance of a mashup?

    I have 3 main mashups, and I want to know how long it takes each one of them to load.


    So far, I have tried two things:

    - Logging a message when the "Loaded" event is triggered by my base Mashup

    • This does not work because teh event is triggered when the mashup layout is finished loading, but not before all other mashups on the screen are loaded

    - Logging messages when the "ServiceInvokeComplete" event gets triggered at the end of each service that gets called by my Mashup

    • This is triggered when the Service has been invoked, but does not trigger when the service is finished executing
    • In this case, I am using a repeater and i get the logging message as soon as it is called, but i still see things appearing on my screen as the repeater finishes executing


    My application is not performing as well as it should be. I need to identify performance bottlenecks.


    Any help is greatly appreciated!!