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    Issue with SDK data logging

    Hi all.


    I work on C and java SDK. I'm trying to use the examples(SteamSensor) to understand how work the SDK.


    I start up SteamSensor and after few second I stop tomcat. I was thinking that data will be saved locally and when tomcat restart, all saved data are pushed. But it doesn't work.


    So I want to know if provided examples need more configuration for this or if it's an issue with the SDK.







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        fbailleux Apprentice



        Here's the information I found page 23 of the Thingworx C SDK Developer's guide:


        Handling Offline Messages

        The C SDK has multiple options for offline message storage. Offline message

        storage will queue up outgoing request messages for later delivery if the network

        is down or the duty cycle modulation component of the AlwaysOn protocol

        happens to be in the “off” state. If OFFLINE_MSG_STORE is not defined or set

        to 0, outbound messages are not queued at all. If OFFLINE_MSG_STORE is set

        to 1, messages will be queued up in RAM, up to a limit of OFFLINE_MSG_

        QUEUE_SIZE as defined in src/config/twDefaultSettings.h. When

        connectivity is re-established, all the messages in this queue will be sent out to the