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    Bugs in .NET SDK regarding ValueStream


    There's the steamsensor sample in the ThingWorx DotNet SDK 5.5.

    I built the sample code and run and made it connected to the ThingWorx Server.

    And created SteamSensor1 Thing implementing RemoteThing and did the temperature/pressure properties binded.

    And checked 'logged' for those properties and set Valuestream on the SteamSensor1 thing.

    But the test result of  'QueryProperyHistory' service has the timestamp of '0001-01-01 09:00:00'.

    (So always only one row is returned.)

    (In case of running 'QueryNumberPropertyHistory' for 'temperature' , it returns rows with the timestamp '0001-01-01 09:00:00'. )


    I tested ThingWorx DotNet SDK 5.5/ 5.0 both and the result were same.

    And I found the SteamSensor Example of ThingWorx C SDK works well.

    (When the SteamSensor of C SDK connected, the timestamp of Valuestream are fine.)


    There must be some bugs in ThingWorx DotNet SDK.

    Could someone check this for me?