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    Loading different Mashup runtime in ContainedMashup

    I have a mashup called "CascadeMash", It contains 4 contained Mashup. I have also created 4 variables in session

    "SectionOne" (Type:MashupName),



    "SectionFour" (Type:MashupName)


    I am reading all session variable and have binded them with each contained mashup though custom service called  "GetSectionNames" on Mashup's onload event which works fine.


    Now, I am changing "SectionThree" session variable value based on list's SelectedRowChanged in SectionTwo, I have also binded "SectionThreeChanged" event with "GetSectionNames". But, it's not being fired when SectionThree is changed.


    Am I doing wrong or Is there any another way to communicate between two mashup ?

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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        Nirav, just to be clear, do you want the mashups to change (in Runtime) based on name given to it? If it involves just one primary Mashup which contains these secondary Mashups, you can use Mashup parameters instead.


        You would just have to bind the specific Mashup parameter to the 'Name' property of the Contained Mashup. You would also have to bind an Event Trigger to refresh that specific Contained Mashup automatically (for example 'SelectedRowsChanged' event or if you are using a Textbox Widget to manually type in the names - 'Changed' event).