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    Geofence Region Tooltip

    Hi All


    I have successfully created regions on a Google Maps widget and they display correctly. However there is no way of knowing which region is which (for identification). The solution for this I believe is a "RegionTooltipField" which ThingWorx currently has however I have these current properties and the tooltip is not showing at runtime when I hover my cursor over a region:


    • RegionData - Has Data
    • RegionLocationData - Has Data
    • RegionLocationField - undefined
    • RegionLocationsField - locations             (the infotable of infotables for my regions)
    • RegionTooltipField - Name                     (a column in my DataTable which contains a string for easily identifying the 'Name' of each region)
    • ShowRegions - true


    If anyone can give me any advice on how to get a tooltip to show up for the regions (without the need for a tooltip mashup) I would highly appreciate it.


    Many Thanks