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    Could not dispatch async service request error



    I am getting this error  " Could not dispatch async service request [NotifyPropertyUpdate] : Timed out APIRequestMessage [requestId: 195, endpointId: -1, sessionId: -1, method: POST, entityName: Am2302Thing2, characteristic: Services, target: NotifyPropertyUpdate]  "


    when sending properties to a remoteThing from a Java Edge Microserver.   The Thing has a  RemoteTemplate and a Shape with two properties. I have bound the remote properties to the properties inherited from the shape.  It appears connected and the values are properly


    This error happens on an particular Amazon ThingWorx hosted instance. I could not reproduce it on a different Amazon hosted TWX instance.

    What would cause this error ?

    Thank you for your reply.

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        veronicamih Creator

        I am also getting this error " NULL MessageSynchronizationContext! Request either timed-out waiting for this response, or it was received by mistake: ResponseMessage [requestId: 211, endpointId: -1, sessionId: -1, code: STATUS_SUCCESS, multipart: false, packet #: 0, total packets: 0]  " 

        Could there be some issues with the server ?

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            aanjan Heavyweight Champ

            Veronica, would it be possible for you to attach the entire EMS log? What version of the EMS are you currently using? Please do set the logger level to TRACE and attach the log here. Here's a snippet from the config.json to enable TRACE level and saving the log file to /_tw_logs/:


            "logger":    {
               "level":    "TRACE",
               "auto_flush":    true