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    Could not dispatch async service request error



    I am getting this error  " Could not dispatch async service request [NotifyPropertyUpdate] : Timed out APIRequestMessage [requestId: 195, endpointId: -1, sessionId: -1, method: POST, entityName: Am2302Thing2, characteristic: Services, target: NotifyPropertyUpdate]  "





    when sending properties to a remoteThing from a Java Edge SDK program.  These is the link to the project http://www.thingworx.com/~/media/Files/PDFs/Academics/Raspberry-Pi-Temperature-Project-Files1.ashx?la=en. The Thing has a  RemoteTemplate and a Shape with two properties. I have bound the remote properties to the properties inherited from the shape.  It appears connected and the values are properly


    This error happens on an particular Amazon ThingWorx hosted instance. I could not reproduce it on a different Amazon hosted TWX instance.

    I am also getting this error " NULL MessageSynchronizationContext! Request either timed-out waiting for this response, or it was received by mistake: ResponseMessage [requestId: 211, endpointId: -1, sessionId: -1, code: STATUS_SUCCESS, multipart: false, packet #: 0, total packets: 0]  "

    Could there be some issues with the server ?

    What would cause this error ?

    Thank you for your reply.