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    minman Newbie

    Raspberry Pi Kit

    Where do I get the files mentioned on this page?:



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        alawhorn Newbie

        I am also wondering the same thing. The guide references "twc_agent" installer files.

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          aanjan Heavyweight Champ

          Mike, did you get the entire device kit? If so, can you give me more information on what was included in the kit?

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            I reached out to a PTC ThingWorx Consultant and discovered where to get these files.


            On the Raspberry Pi page you linked, there is a "Quickstart Console" blue box on the left-hand side. In the box, there is a "Launch" button that prompts you to log in and download the zip file containing the install files.


            Hope this helps.

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                I got the files as described under the "Launch" button on the side (only appears to work in Chrome, not IE), thanks!

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                    minman Newbie

                    So, next step… I have the files on my pi, I’m running twc_agent as described (sudo ./twc_agent) but I get a ton of ws_on_header_value: Websocket connection failed, twWs_Connect: Error trying to connect  ws_on_header_value: Invalid ‘connection’ header: Upgrade  messages.


                    When I ping device.cloud.thingworx.com, I get an IP address from DNS (, but no response to the ping.


                    What needs to be upgraded here?

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                        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

                        Mike, is the server you are trying to connect behind any proxy by any chance?

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                            minman Newbie

                            It’s behind a corporate firewall, but we don’t use a proxy to get out on http.  Said another way, web browsing on the Pi that has the twc_agent installed is working fine.



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                              minman Newbie

                              Here’s the debug output from an attempted connection, it looks like the server wants to upgrade the client and the client doesn’t know what that means:


                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,735: twTlsClient_Reconnect: Re-establishing SSL context

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,737: twTlsClient_Connect: Connecting to server

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,787: twTlsClient_Connect: TLS connection established

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,788: twWs_Connect: Connected to device.cloud.thingworx.com:80

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,788: twWs_Connect: Sent request:

                              GET /Thingworx/WS HTTP/1.1

                              User-Agent: ThingWorx C SDK

                              Upgrade: websocket

                              Connection: Upgrade

                              Host: device.cloud.thingworx.com

                              Sec-WebSocket-Version: 13

                              Sec-WebSocket-Key: JZNA7gcNtfUhfDqn8pLwZQ==

                              Max-Frame-Size: 8192

                              applicationKey: 2fbdab1f-4cd6-43df-8d3f-6e3c18a2d5a2



                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,967: HTTP Response begun

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,967: Header->server : Apache-Coyote/1.1

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,967: Header->upgrade : websocket

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,967: Header->sec-websocket-accept : cVyWkGmJ2JxlY9vpR2i9bxFoAtQ=

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,967: Header->date : Thu, 29 Oct 2015 20:06:04 GMT

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,967: Header->connection : Upgrade

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,967: ws_on_header_value: Invalid 'connection' header: Upgrade

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,967: ws_on_headers_complete: Websocket connection failed

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,967: twWs_Connect: Parsed 193 bytes out of 193

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,967: twWs_Connect: Error trying to connect

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,967: twTlsClient_Reconnect: Re-establishing SSL context

                              2015-10-29 16:05:59,969: twTlsClient_Connect: Connecting to server

                              2015-10-29 16:06:00,22: twTlsClient_Connect: TLS connection established