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    vgala Apprentice

    Any idea how to solve this problem

    We have GetXXX service of app which fetches details for mashup components.

    The GetXXX service takes input from text box.

    This GetXXX service is has two trigger points in general :

    1. Search button manually clicked or Keyboard event like enter

    2. Selected row changed of repeater widget which acts as recent search for our app

    The input to GetXXX service can always be a single source and we selected Text box.

    For repeater to work, we need to send the selected row parameter to text box. And in case of selectedRow changed event we trigger GetXXX service and set the textbox to selectedRow value. 

    So coming to the usecase where we face glitch with this set up :

    1. Select from Repeater widget something -> GetXXX gets called. (Say selectedRow is set to value "ABC")

    2. Type manually "XYZ" in text box and hit Enter or search button. -> GetXXX gets called. (Note selectedRow is still set to value "ABC")

    3. From repeater widget try selected row which was earlier selected which has value "ABC". -> GetXXX doesn't get called since selectedRow didnt change.


    Any ideas how we can fix this issue.

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        mwolff Newbie

        The event is "selectedRow CHANGED" and it fires only on a change. In this case the behaviour is correct.


        I see two possibilities to resolve it.

        1. Deselect the row when your service returns.

        2. Bind the double click event to a validator to copy your selection and trigger the service on double click.


        Maybe as an alternative:

        Modify your selecting widget to support an single click event.



        Mario Wolff

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            vgala Apprentice

            Thanks Mario for reply.

            For 1st possibility, Do you know how to Deselect the row. And if i reset value of selectedRow then it will fire the change event. So we were stuck with that.

            For 2nd Possibility, yes this is the option that we also found from repeater widget's property that can work for us.


            Also regarding alternative, single click is already supported. I didnt understand if you meant modifying repeater widget to enable single click.

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                qn Communicator



                1) The Repeater widget does not have a property "SelectedText" (like a List for example). I think it's not possible to deselect the row. By the way, even with List widget, deselect the row takes me some "work around". The List widget has a property "ClearIfNoSelection", but it does not work probably (or I don't know how to use it).


                Update: ThingWorx - How to deselect rows in Grid


                2) Double click is a solution then.


                3) I think he means you could modify the widget's code source to customize as you want. The actual Repeater widget take "single click" event as a "selecting". You can add an event binded to "single click", the same way as the event fired by "double clicked".