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    Unable to get proper dynamic XML



    , i am uanble to get the correct format of XML from ThingWorx. I am able to generate dyanamic XML based upon my selection from my DataTable but it contains other unnecessary xml tags (For Example: ) which i do not want. Please guide me how to parse the un-necessary tags from THingworx to get the proper XML .Below i have give sample format of XML for easy understandings.



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        Sorry looks like no sample was included?

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            Hi Chung,


            Thanks for your reply. Below is the screen shot , i have given, where i need the highlighted XML tags. I have created one mash up where if anybody is picking any items from diff. category , it will go to the basket and there i have created one submit button. If you click on the submit button , it will create a dynamic XML . Which will be changing continuously based upon selection. But the XML it is getting generated , it comes with some unwanted tags. How to restrict it. Please guide me.