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    ThingTemplate Service Calls - Things[ThingName] is not running

    I have a problem with calling services from a thing that uses a particular ThingTemplate.


    I am creating the Thing programmatically:

    var params = {

                 thingTemplateName: equipmentTemplate,

                 description: description,

                 name: equipmentName







    Which works fine, but when I try to call a service from that Thing:



    Then it throws a Things[equipmentName] is not running error.

    This only happens when using one particular ThingTemplate as the 'equipmentTemplate', all other templates 'run' fine.


    Does any one know why this might be happening? I can't find any permission issues, spelling errors or anything in that ThingTemplate. We did just upgrade to 6.5 - Would that have anything to do with this one ThingTemplate?