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    Arduino Uno weather app REST call not updating thing properties

    Hi All, I am new to thingworx and trying to complete the Arduino Uno weather app from the tutorial provided on the following link:

    Weather App with Arduino Uno | ThingWorx

    I am using a developer account and ThingWorx Composer 6.0. I am stuck at the following part of tutorial:


    This primarily deals with updating the temp and humid values using REST call in the thing properties. The structure of the REST call that I have even tried from REST clients is following:


    POST /Thingworx/Things/DHT11Thing/Services/setTempAndHumid?appKey=8510MYAPPKEY-1918-4ad8-961f-475f22c50a02&method=post&x-thingworx-session=true<&Temp=32.04&Humid=12.17> HTTP/1.1
    Host: geX-XXX.cloud.thingworx.com    {This is my thingworx account link to composer}
    Content-Type: text/html


    Any pointers on what I may be doing wrong.


    P.S. I amusing a DHT11 temperature sensor so my thing name is matching with the thing name I have created on ThingWorx.