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    dprinz Newbie

    Invalid Service name

    Hi all!

    I am currently doing the tutorial "using REST Calls in C for arduino Uno"

    I have come to the part, where I add a service called "setTempAndHumidity"

    When I come to the part where I send the REST Call, I get the Error "Invalid Service Name"

    Also, if I want to test the Service, I get the same answer.

    Can anyone help me out on this?

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        cscholtz Explorer

        David Prinz, once you created that service, did you save and 'cancel edit' the Thing? Usually, this error occurs if you create a service and don't save the Thing (since it doesn't know a service exists yet).

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          jasong Creator

          Yeah, the service was not saved. It's possible in ThingWorx to Close a service that you wrote but not have it saved (yet.) You just need to press Save and you should be good. Otherwise, how ever you are invoking the service call may be pointing to the wrong thing or entity. For example, if you write a service on a ThingTemplate, it's not exposed on the ThingTemplate, it's exposed on any and all THINGS that you have made from that ThingTemplate. Just a thought.