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    Problem with ThingWorx tutorial app in android.

    Hi all,


    I am trying ThingWorx platform first time with my android phone.


    I installed GettingStartedWithThingWorx_10_07_15.apk in my phone. And in my laptop, I created Thing in Mashup with my mobile IMEI.


    Then I filled App key and IP address in android application. I expect data to be sent to ThingWrox instance in my laptop from my mobile.


    But always it shows either IP, Appname or Appkey is wrong and couldn't send the data.


    Can anyone help me by giving hint how debug/solve this issue.


    Thanks in advance.


    with best regards,


      • Re: Problem with ThingWorx tutorial app in android.

        To unlock/ allow all REST calls, here are the steps:

        1.Click on Subsystems under SYSTEM within the left pane of Composer

        2.Click on PlatformSubsystem

        3.Click on Configuration

        4.Check the box next to Allow Request Method Switch to allow all REST API calls through a browser URL

        5.Uncheck Filter Content-Type


        This should solve your problem!