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    Unable to get ThingShapes to show Properties and Services on Import

    Hello All,


    Using Thingworx 6.5.0-b460 and thingworx-all-6.5.0-b460.jar as my library, I've been trying to create a ThingShape in code for import into Thingworx.  It gets imported, but the properties and services are not imported.  I was under the impression that I should be able to do this with 6.5.


    Is this possible?  Does someone have a simple example?


    Here is my test:



    package myPackage;


    @ThingworxPropertyDefinitions(properties = {

       @ThingworxPropertyDefinition(name="MyProperty", description="", baseType="STRING", aspects={"isPersistent:true","isReadOnly:false"}),

       @ThingworxPropertyDefinition(name="MyOtherProperty", description="", baseType="NUMBER", aspects={"isPersistent:true","isReadOnly:false"}),



    public class MyShape extends ThingShape {

       protected static Logger _logger = LogUtilities.getInstance().getApplicationLogger(HmiDisplayShape_geVisualization.class);


       @ThingworxServiceDefinition( name="MyService", description="" )

       @ThingworxServiceResult( name="result", description="", baseType="INFOTABLE", aspects={"dataShape:RootEntityList"} )

       public InfoTable MyService() throws Exception {

       return null;






       <ThingPackage name="myPackage"
       aspect.isSystemObject="false" aspect.isCreatable="true" />



       <ThingShape name="MyShape" description="" thingPackage="myPackage" aspect.isSystemObject="false" />