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    alexe Apprentice

    Protocol Adapter SDK Startup Help

    I downloaded the recently released Protocol Adapter SDK from the ThingWorx IoT Marketplace. The user guide is not matching my setup experience. The download is packaged as a .JAR file, and the setup instructions say:


    "Use the methods necessary to import the source files into your IDE of choice.

    In Eclipse, this should happen simply by using File > Import and importing the root folder as a filesystem."


    I've tried a hundred variations of importing the jar, its unzipped version, its disassembled version using a third party jar/class disassemble program, no success. I am finding it incredibly difficult to get to the .java source files that are given as the example from which to edit and work.


    Has anyone tried this adapter yet? at least tried the setup instructions? I'm not a java expert and new to eclipse too so there's a large chance its user error, but I've exhausted every path I could think of.