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    bleung Newbie

    In Axeda: How to find all the assets of a system?  DeviceFinder.findAll() limits the search results.

    I'm very new to Axeda Custom Object development.  I have a couple of questions regarding how to find all the available assets in a system.


    On our system, there are over 2000 assets.


    In our custom object, we are trying to get the total number of assets. Here's part of the code:



    DeviceFinder deviceFinder = new DeviceFinder(CONTEXT)


    deviceList = deviceFinder.findAll()



    However, deviceFinder.findAll() only returns 1000 assets, even though there are over 2000 on our system! It appears that deviceFinder.findAll() returns a maximum of 1000 only. Can we changed that limit?


    Or better yet, what other calls can we make so that we could get the right asset count (without any limitations)?