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    How to stop the spam


    It seems that the ThingWorx Community is experiencing massive spam attacks. I have started to mark it as such but this does not seem to help. Does anybody know what else can be done or who can be contacted in order to stop it?

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        ryankelley Apprentice

        I've moved this discussion into our Community Hub space, where we talk about news, announcements, and issues on the ThingWorx Community website.


        Michael - sorry for all the spam, this isn't the first time we've seen this type of attack on our online communities, but we can do better at preventing further issues. I've cleaned up all the offending posts and will be adding a blog post within this space to highlight what's happened, and what we've done to prevent further attacks. Thanks for the patience and understanding, if you ever see something out of the ordinary here at the ThingWorx Community you can always reach out to me.