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    bsmith Apprentice

    How to send data through port 8000 on EMS to platform?

    New to ThingWorx, have been plowing through the various forums, use cases, and other collateral.


    Need a pointer to how to get started with the following:


    Have Edge Micro Server installed on Linux machine and have connection to ThingWorx cloud Platform.


    Where do I learn, or where are examples, of what and how I push data to port 8000 on the EMS and how I prepare the platform to ingest that data?


    I know "it depends" on use case and sensor(s) used and a bunch of other stuff.  For now just want to understand at the level of the web socket (aka port 8000).  I'll get the data moving from my sensor(s) as soon as understand what goes into port 8000 such that the platform can pull it out on the other side.


    Just need a starting place, I can do the legwork if given enough context and example.