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    How can I view contents of 'incoming' SystemRepository in a mashup (ThingWorx version

    The video 'How to Use the File Upload Widget' at   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyxGNy5mztk is a good start, but I think it could be more helpful.


    It shows using a File Upload widget (which uploads to the SystemRepository on the ThingWorx server), but in the example video, the ThingWorx server is running on the developer's laptop.  I would like to see an example that is in an environment more like a real world deployment, where the ThingWorx server is not running on the same laptop from which the file is being uploaded.


    In that type of environment, how can I view the contents of a repository, since the repository will not be on my laptop?  Can I pull a list of the contents of the SystemRepository (or other repo) out and display in a list widget, like I can with directories on edge devices?


    Also, I think a lot of people will be using File Upload not to simply get a file to the SystemRepository, but to push a file all the way down to an edge device.  To do this, I had to catch the UploadFailedEvent and then call the FileTransferSubsytem's Copy command.  (Not sure why I had to catch UploadFailedEvent, but catching UploadComplete never worked--I never received that event.)


    In other words, File Upload only gets a file from your local laptop or device (could be a smartphone or tablet even--basically whatever you are using to view the mashup) up to a repository on the Thingworx server.  To get a file onto an edge device, that file must have been uploaded successfully to the server repo, but then the additional necessary step is the FileTransferSubsystem's Copy command. I think it'd be useful to mention that somewhere.