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    Store image into database


    I want to store an image data in Composer(for example, a property with baseType of Image or ImageLink) into a database say Oracle, Is this possible?

    Also what's the best way to get image from db and then bind it with a Image widget in mashup? Do we have to store images into Thingworx Repository and then set SourceURL for each image widget?


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        carlesc Heavyweight Champ

        Hi Anna,


        I would like to see insights about it from support team too. I don't feel happy storing images on the persistence storage itself, and as PropertyContent gets exported when you export entities, you will get the full image ( base64 ) on the export XML...


        I've already choice to store Images on FileRepository ( with a Folder for each thing, and a SubFolder for each propertyName which are baseType=ImageLink, and the property just holds the SourceURL for the file on the FileRepository ).


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