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    pcheah Explorer

    Disable Squeal URL page for certain Users

    Can we disable Squeal URL page for certain Users?

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        paic Collaborator

        I don't think you can disable the page URL.

        Squeal searches will run within the defined security context.

        With proper home or landing screens defined, a user would only get to Squeal if they specifically type in the link directly to Squeal.

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          jasong Creator

          I believe our team has asked for a SQUEAL and COMPOSER visibility permission to be able to be set and control by organizations. Because on a production box, those tools just shouldn't be there for most users. Even if your permissions are set so that everything is fine and safe, it's still a little crazy to be able to even get to those toolsets.


          If you are truly on a production box that does not need SQUEAL at all, I suppose you could simply delete move the /Thingworx/Squeal/ folder to some other temp folder outside of /Tomcat/webapps/Thingworx. I've never tried this but there's a chance it would work. Same with Composer. Simplu copy the folder back in if you need it.


          If you try this and it works let me know, this will be handy to know.

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              jasong Creator

              Also, Squeal uses the SearchFunctions resources (Searcher) and I think it uses SearchAll or maybe SpotlightSearch services. Composer definitely uses SpotlightSearch for it's entity lists. Anyway, you can disable access for a user to those and they won't be able to use the tool


              But alas the tool will show up i they somehow find it. Thingworx is not a widely used product yet but in time it will be because it's fantastic and in time people will learn about this. Even now, you can spin up a ThWx server demo and learn all about it with nothing more than an email address. So the day that people will be able to google for this sort of stuff is coming soon.