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    ckulak Apprentice

    Upgrading ThingWorx extensions



    Do we have any guidelines for writing TWX extensions in the context on the future upgrades?


    1. Is there some recommended way to unit-test Java extensions and JavaScript services?

    2. Are the changes to APIs summarized somewhere?


    / Constantine

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        carlesc Heavyweight Champ

        Hi Constantine,


        For my last 5 months of experience, digging on TW "documentation", just my two cents:


        • 1 --> No at all, but
          • Javascript services --> Easily you can build Unit-Test with helper Thing Classes
          • Java Extensions --> Same as before, you can call Java extensions from helper Thing Classes
          • Mashups --> You can use products like Selenium - Web Browser Automation and custom Mashups that loads the Mashups to Test.
        • 2 --> Not completely, they remove features without notice on Release Notes.