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    llihocký Newbie

    Problem with RemoteThing template

    Hi all!,


    I am new user of ThingWorx and I am welcome to use this program.

    I watched some videos and I try to make my own thing and mashup.

    But I have one problem, I will try to generate data to my mashup, but I dont know how to generate it.

    Also, I try to use RemoteThing template, to generate speed and temperature data, but there is the problem.

    I cannot use it, I have errors with this and I dont, what to do.

    I post some printscreens here to identify this problem.


    Please, can somebody help me or give me some tips ?


    (PS: Sory for my english)





    In videos, which I see that property value can be changed and after that, its generate data (i think).