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    chichen Explorer

    Oracle JDBC Extension connection error

    I have download and imported JDBC Connector from marketplace.

    And then uploaded Oracle jdbc driver and got Oracle JDBC extension.


    After configured the thing, I got the following error while verifying the connection:

    "Unable to Invoke Service GetData on ConnOracle: Cannot get a connection, pool error Unable to validate object."

    Any idea? Thanks.

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        bsmith Apprentice

        I experienced the same after loading the 5.1.37 JDBC driver for mySQL.


        First, be sure to *reboot* your platform after installing in order to clear out stale objects - this is required as I learned yesterday.


        Then after the reboot here is the confusing thing.

        I too experience the exact same error when building a Database Thing using the 5.1.37 thing template.

        *However* now when I use the standard "Database" thing template to create a Database Thing with a Query Service it works.


        Based on that observation, can you try to build a test Database Thing based on the "Database" template and see if it works?


        I know it doesn't explain why the 5.1.37 JDBC driver still doesn't work but at least it may get you further along in your project.


        Please reply and let the forum know how it turns out.


        -- Beck

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          meghan Communicator

          Just thought I'd chime in here. If you are specifically using MySQL, SELECT curdate() will work as a validation string.