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    ServiceInvoke permissions on System Resource Service


    I'm experimenting with creation of Things via POST using HTTP through a TCP socket to solve a particular problem.


    POST /Thingworx/Resources/EntityServices/Services/CreateThing?appKey=ac5fddf2-760d-48ae-9a90-d73d23fd90ba HTTP/1.1

    Content-Type: application/json

    Host: <...>

    Connection: close

    User-Agent: MyFirmware

    Content-Length: 51





    This works fine provided the appKey is tied to the system Administrator account.  I tried to edit Design/Run Time permissions for CreateThing to permit a specific user that has an app key and I receive a message that you cannot edit system objects. 


    Does the system administrator account have to be used for remote execution of system resource services?  I don't see a way to specify a user as a system admin. 


    Thank you,