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    Impossible to delete a valuestream

    I am opening a new discussion in order to expose you some problem that I have with the Thingworx platform. As a matter of fact, it is impossible for me to delete the two following valuestreams: PositionTemperatureValuesStream & PositionValuesStream. Thingworx Composer stops to work. When I squeal these two things, the “related Mashups” an “Networks” categories expose an error. Please find the message displayed below:


    When I try to delete these valuestreams, my browser (as it happens google chrome because it is the browser recommended by PTC) just crashed.

    Please tell me what is the origin of this problem? Is it because I have recorded too many data in the same valuestream? I have also try with the true administrator account and this trouble remains.

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             The problem was solved after a server restart. The two entities(valuestreams) were deleted but a "copy" of those two entities still remained in the cache of the Thingworx Platform with the size of 0kb both. A restart managed to fix the issue.


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