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    Cant draw regions on map

    I'm trying to draw regions on map widget with composer only.

    Here the steps i took:


    1 - Created a Thing


    2 - Created a property with InfoTable Value


    3 - I added some coords(4 coords) in each rows from InfoTable


    4 - Dragged infotable property onto map widget and chose these binding targets :  Data , RegionData , RegionLocationData.





    After that, no regions appears on map,only 4 markers of each coord, what am i missing ? Please help


    obs : ShowRegion checkbox is Checked!

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        ianban Creator



        If you're using a set of regions then you need to bind the InfoTable Field that contains the set of region InfoTables to the RegionData target. You then also need to set the regionsLocationField parameter to specify which field of the InfoTable property to use (even if the InfoTable only has 1 field)...


        As you're only using a single region, bind your property to the RegionLocationData Target and set the RegionLocationField to the appropriate field of your InfoTable.


        Note that your co-ordinates need to be in order or you'll get a strangely shaped region...


        Hope this helps





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            asiqueira-2 Explorer

            Thanks Ian , it makes sense, i tried that, but i may be missing something else.


            After did that  the map started zoomed in another place,not at the region that i chose,so i bound the infotable also with DATA target,then the map started at the correct place but still not showing the drawn region,only the 4 markers.

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            asiqueira-2 Explorer

            After reviewing the bindings and creating a set of regions it worked! I dont know exactly how but it worked,