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    Facing problem in MQTT setup. Please help

    I am trying to create a sample mqtt based temperature sensor mashup.

    However the values are not getting updated.

    I have found that while sending data to Thingworx from the mosquitto, it always get a socket error.

    I tried to restart the service many times, I can always see on mosquitto prompt that the subscribe request is received.


    Also one more confusing thing is that thingowrx always shows isConnected = true and correct lastConnection time.


    I am using tomcat 7 and thingworx 6.5.0-b460 war that comes along with training material.

    Kindly help me resolve the problem

    I have also seen that there is no way to set QoS in the configuration. It may be unrelated, but still don't think that always setting QoS = 0 is a good idea.


    Many Thanks!