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    jaeyan Explorer

    Is there "Distinct" function in the Infotable services?

    I would like to get distinct items from results that are infotable type.

    It's similar with "distinct()" of SQL.


    Is there anyone know about this as a embedded function of Thingworx?

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        jaeyan Explorer

        I'm sorry.

        I found distinct service in the Infotable function.


        Below is my code.

        Please refer my code if you have same problem of mine.



        var params = {

          maxItems: 500 /* INFOTABLE */,

          startDate: undefined /* QUERY */,

            endDate : undefined,

            oldestFirst: false,




        var result = me.QueryPropertyHistory(params);



        var params = {

          t: result,

            columns: "UserID"




        // result: INFOTABLE dataShape: "undefined"

        var result = Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].Distinct(params);