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    petersch Apprentice

    Charts to show boolean property values as they change over time?

    Any recommendations on what chart widgets are most useful for displaying how several boolean properties change over time (i.e. I have 4 or 5 booleans for a given thing I want to track)? I've looked at using Event Chart, Label Chart, and Time Series Charts.


    The Event Chart works to a degree using state based formatting to get vertical lines that are red/blue for true/false values etc., but the overall result isn't ideal (continuing to play with properties of that widget to see how I can improve it though).


    Label Charts might be better to give a bar chart look over time, but that seems more designed for numeric values vs booleans. Perhaps some conversion of true=1 and false=0 can be done simply for my value stream to get the data to display? I'd rather not change my boolean property definitions to integers (or write some boolean-to-integer service of my own that ends up being clumsy). Appears Time Series Charts likewise will only work if I convert boolean data to 1/0?


    Other suggestions on widgets that might be a better way to approach this?

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        paic Collaborator

        Event Chart is certainly one way to go, but somewhat tricky to make it look nice.

        You might want to go with a conversion to 1/0 and use a Range Chart so you can get a horizontal bar over time.

        Label Chart also can do it, but it would look quite different as it would have entries per measurements vs. a 'fill over time'

        You may need to do some data manipulation to get a proper data set.