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    dshukla Newbie

    Can we perform error handling based on error messages in case the service fails to execute?

    I am trying to trigger a service which tries to fetch some data from another server and displays a pop up to the user describing the issue if it fails. In scenarios when the service fails to execute successfully different error messages are thrown for e.g. unable to connect with some server or user does not have permission.


    I checked on ThingWorx help there is a section on "Service Success/Error Notification" but that directly gives an alert to user with some common text and the error message if the string [server-message] to include the response from the server is provided. However, this does not provide the ability to display custom pop-ups based on the issue because of which the service failed.

    So is there any way we can handle the issue specific error messages that are thrown when the services fail to execute?