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    jlee Newbie

    I got an error message and how to fix this?



    I have an error to delete extension.


    Extension Package deletion failed: Unable to Invoke Service DeleteExtensionPackage on PlatformSubsystem : Cannot delete ExtensionPackage [Neuron_Extension] because the following Extension Entities are still in use: [entity: NeuronFilterDetail, used-by: TW.Discover.NeuronGroup Neuron.NeuronGroup ][entity: NeuronClustersFeature, used-by: Neuron.NeuronClustersResult Neuron.ClientToolkitTemplate ][entity: NeuronPredictionsLearner, used-by: Neuron.ScoringJobResult ][entity: NeuronFeatures, used-by: TW.Discover.NeuronFeatures ][entity: NeuronAll,


    And so when I try to update extension, I also got the below.


    Error importing: error: Not Acceptable - [package: neuron-extension-3.0rc3, error: Cannot update existing ExtensionPackage [Neuron_Extension] because the updated ExtensionPackage is trying to remove the following Entities that are still in use: [entity: NeuronSignalsThing, used-by: NeuronSignals ][entity: NeuronDatasetThing, used-by: NeuronDataset ]]



    How to resolve this issue?