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    varathanran Creator

    Copying Thingworx Storage

    I have everything installed, developed and worked in one instance of Thingworx 6.0. I installed another new instance in different machine.


    1. I stopped the tomcat in newer instance

    2. I backed up my ThingworxStorage and ThingworxStorageBackup folders.

    3. I copied the ThingworxStorage and ThingworxStorageBackup folders from my older instances.

    4. I cleared the work folder under Tomcat.

    5. I restarted the newer instance of Thingworx.

    6. I am able to login. However I am not seeing any of my extensions and other objects I created. I checked the ThingworxStorage and I do see my extensions.


    Not sure what is happening. Any help will be greatly appreciated.




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        paic Collaborator

        Although copying the Thingworx Storage is a nice quick way to move your development, we recommend.

        1. Install new instance

        2. Install all extensions on the instance

        3. In old instance export all to Thingworx Storage

        4. Copy export from ThingworxStorage/exports to new instance

        5. Import all from Thingworx Storage

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          asafa Explorer



          Before copying the Storage from the old instance, try shutting down (nicely) the Tomcat server on the old instance. This will flush to disk all possible opened files.




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              varathanran Creator

              Thanks for your repose. I did stop the tomcat. The issue was even though it is same release, the installations are from different builds. I copied the source war file to target location. everything started working.


              I agree the better way would have exporting and importing everything. It is long process as well there was possibility that some extension may not work.


              Anyway, I got around this problem.