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    Workflow building a ThingWorx extension

    We are developing a ThingWorx extension. Our build process takes XML, Java, javascript and other files produces an extension file. Currently during development our work cycle is:

    • Change some source
    • Build the extension
    • Load the extension into ThingWorx
    • Execute and debug as necessary
    • Repeat


    This is slower than we would  like. We understand that with widgets and Java services there is no real alternative, but with Mashups and Javascript services there exists the possibility of editing these items within Thingworx. But once we have loaded an object as part of an extension, that object becomes uneditable. It can be edited in place, and the changes saved, but they have no effect.


    We know you can mark an item as ‘editable’ in its XML, but that has bad side-effect when you reload an extension, namely that new loads of the same object (via a new version of the extension) don't override the old.. This forces us to make our actual cycle:

    1. Export edited version of object
    2. Build the extension
    3. Uninstall some database objects (necessary because they depend on the extension)
    4. Delete the extension
    5. Load the new version of the extension
    6. Reinstall the database objects
    7. Execute and debug
    8. Repeat


    Does anyone have a way to work that are more efficient than cycling through edit/build-extension/load-extension?