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    Working with GUID Base type in Thingworx

    What is the difference between base types String and GUID in thingworx?


    Using GUID base type to store GUID/UUID generated from another system. Below are the observations while using TW GUID base type:

    1. Able to store 2 similar GUIDs in thingworx system. Does the GUID column has unique constraint?
    2. Passing any string [for ex: "1234", "abcxyz"] to GUID base type property, it is getting stored. Does it not verify UUID/GUID format and store data in string format only?
    3. GUIDs are usually stored as 128-bit values and as 32 hexadecimal digits [i.e. Can only contain characters a-f]. But thingworx GUID base type is also taking characters other than a-f. Is it a valid case?


    Please guide and provide a pointer to any documentation about using thingworx GUID base type.