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    Postgres Error: root entity collection does not exist



    When I install the new Thingworx Postgre 6.5.2 (but there is the same problem with 6.5.0 and 6.5.1), the Thingworx Composer could not start. In "Application.log", there is an error of Postgre:


    Reading configuration from configTableCol
    Datastore database...ON
    CRITICAL ERROR ON STARTUP: ERROR: relation "root_entity_collection" does not exist


    I used an PostgreSQL client to check the database and there is the table "root_entity_collection". Does someone had the same problem and how did you resolve it ?


    My postgre user, created for Thingworx, is not the same as my linux user. By the way, I wonder if Thingworx use the linux user to login to Postgre DB. It would not be possible, I even did not give the postgre username and password yet. I even can't start the Thingworx Composer. Tomcat8 does not have any error.