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    dclayworth Apprentice

    Seeing old versions of widgets

    I'm frequently finding during development that old versions of widgets under development get seen. here is an example of what i see:

    1. I have an extension containing both a widget an a mashup that uses it. I execute the mashup successfully.
    2. I make some changes to the widget source and build a new version of the extension file from it.
    3. I unload the extension from ThingWorx.
    4. I've tried restarting ThingWorx and also restarting TomCat at this point, neither of which make any difference
    5. I load the new version of the extension into ThingWorx.
    6. I execute the mashup again.


    At this point I see the old behaviour, and the Chrome debugger shows I have the old source code. The source file that it is being taken from, CombinedExtensions.YYYYMMDD_HHHHMMSS.js shows a date that is for the previous iteration of the widget, i.e. it is earlier than when I loaded the new extension.


    I have confirmed beyond question that the extension zip file contains the new source. I have caching turned off in my browser.


    Has anyone else seem this? is there a way of working round it?

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        aanjan Heavyweight Champ

        David, clearing your cache should generally fix the issue you are seeing. The process of replacing extensions is usually deleting the existing extension, restart Tomcat and then re-importing the new extension. Once you've done these steps, can you try viewing it in an incognito window?