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    How to add subscriptions on the templates using JAVA ( extension SDK)

    I'm making an extension of Thingworx using Thingworx Extension SDK.

    And I made a template and now want to add subscription of the properties of the template I made using java.


    There'a an method 'AddDynamicSubscription' in 'Thing' class.


    public void AddDynamicSubscription(java.lang.String thingName,

      java.lang.String eventName,

      java.lang.String propertyName,

      java.lang.String serviceName)

      throws java.lang.Exception


    But I can't find out how to use it.  There's no examples and descriptions about this...Thingworx must provide more detailed documents on their Platfrom APIs !!


    I don't know how to define the service's parameters to get the eventData.


    Is there someone can let me know how to use it?

    Java code example will be appreciated..