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    Install and Configure Single DB Postgres SQL

    I am having a problem making the Postgres SQL works with Thingworx. I want to install a fresh Thingworx server with PostgresSQL. I followed the instructions from https://support.ptc.com/appserver/cs/doc/refdoc.jsp?p=browse_results&Product=ThingWorx&Release=&DocType=&Role= to create the database in ThingworxPostgresqlStorage folder and create another folder-ThingworxPlatform to put the modelproviderconfig.Json file. I can see that the database is created in pgAdmin III.


    I deployed the Thingworx.war for Postgres but could not connect to Thingworx server. I got the error page as shown below. It seems like the database is not connected.

    Can somebody help?

    Thank you.