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    RemoteSessionBridge.createSession() - How do I obtain AssetReference



    I am trying to Create a remote session with RemoteSessionBridge class.

    However I am not sure how to obtain a AssetReference for the signature


    public ExecutionResult createSession(AssetReference assetRef,

       String interfaceName,

       RemoteServerFunction interfaceFunction,

       String description,

       Boolean multiUser,

       Boolean useInternalHostname)


    I am able to obtain a deviceId for the asset I am interested, and can obtain the Interfaces for the device.


    However, I am unclear, what is the relationship between an  Asset, a device and an AssetReference - as I am sure there is a connection I am missing here?


    Any help or insight most appreciated.


    Thanks in advance


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        ckaminski Apprentice



           You can use Bridges.assetBridge.findById('MODEL||SERIAL') to get the AssetReference.  Asset is basically a syntactic wrapper around AssetReference.  Device is an SDK v1 type.  It is not compatible with the v2 SDK.

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            nngo Newbie

            Hello Kaminski,


            Currently I try to implement a remote session feature for my custom web page. Using REST API.

            I can create remote session by using below description


            DESCRIPTION : Create a RemoteSession

            ENDPOINT : /services/v2/rest/remoteSession

            METHOD : createSession

            VERB : PUT

            REQUEST OBJECT : RemoteSessionParameters

            RESPONSE OBJECT : ExecutionResult

            REQUEST :

            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

            <RemoteSessionParameters xmlns="http://www.axeda.com/services/v2">

            <asset systemId="121"/>








            It returns systemId number and I check the status is READY.


            But I don't know what is the next step? How to use client software such as putty to connect to agent device using the RemoteSession?


            Could you please help me for this issue?


            Many thanks for your support!