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    Why cant I set a persistent value for a thing (thingworx university)



    in the Thingworx University Guide https://precisionlms.ptc.com/viewer/guide/en/23464865/page/23593510#23593511,chapter 34 is written that the simulator will read the setpoints for humidity and temperature. The simulator acts on the things VM-TR1 and VM-TR2, which both have a property called VMTemperatureSetpoint and VMHumiditySetpoint.


    The simulator emulates the actions of two vending machines, sending temperature and humidity data to ThingWorx and reading the temperature and humidity set point figures from ThingWorx.



    My question is, why cant I set the VMTemperatureSetpoint property of the VM-TR1 thing? I located the property, clicked on set, then refreshed. it is still at zero. The property is persistent, so I tough it will allow me to change it manually so it will never change again automaticall. I don't get any feedback from thingworx on why I can't set this property.


    Any ideas?



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        Is it a remote property? If so, I believe the simulator is designed in a way to just push property values to the platform and not receive any. When you try to set a value, say for VMTemperatureSetpoint, you are trying to send values back to/ override the simulator. By reading, I assume it 'reads' the current value of that property as it updated pretty quickly.


        Persistent means the value won't get erased or deleted if the Thing restarts or if the platform restarts. If not selected, the value would go back to its default value (if set) or to zero or a blank value.

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            How do I know if the property is a remote property? It is defined in a shape.


            If the statement on the book is as you state, then it's very poorly written. By sending to thingworx I asume "from the edge (simulator) to the cloud (thingworx server)", by reading from thingworx, I asume "server to the edge".


            here is a screenshot of the shape definition, on the variable i'm looking at. HumiditySetPoint.png


            ignore the right window.