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    Reset marker on Googlemap if selected location is 0000 : 0000



    I have a mashup where I need to locate on map the position of connected devices.

    Now i've got 2 devices.

    The first have a real location : it is diplayed on my googlemap with a marker.

    The 2nd have no location, the value is 0.0000 : 0.0000.

    When I select the 2nd device, the marker on the map does not reset -> i still view the location of 1st device 

    I've got other properties which are updated fine by mey GetProperties call. 


    How can I make reset my googlemap if there is no real location ? I don't find any option to do this on the widget.


    I have found this function below on the google developper's website. But how can I implement it on my Mashup ?

    // Deletes all markers in the array by removing references to them.
    function deleteMarkers() {
    = [];


    Thanks for your help